Approaching 2016 Not Only Are Women

Approaching 2015 Not Only Are Women

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Not only are women ready and poised to take their rightful place in the world of work, but organizations cannot afford to lose women managers or stop attracting women managers in the future. Business success in an increasingly competitive world will depend upon an organization's ability to offer a fair and balanced future to employees with greater emphasis being given to the 'softer' management qualities many women possess - such as nurturing and coaching staff, sensitivity and perception when dealing with clients and colleagues, attention to harmony between work and home which results in mutual benefits. However, such success can only be achieved as and when companies allow women to create their careers on an equal platform with men. Women need to feel that they are reaping the rewards for all their hard work and they are asking for recognition of their achievements.

The climate for change is upon us and the younger generation of women managers are striding forward with new confidence and greater opportunities than ever seen before to break down the barriers that have previously hindered women's progress and fulfillment in management.

We must allow women to make their contribution to corporate life, while maintaining the balance between body, mind and spirit. By setting this example, women will also give permission to their male colleagues to follow the same path. Women are ready to make their contribution. Are organizations ready to meet the challenge?

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