At The Beginning Of Their Managerial Career

At The Beginning Of Their Managerial Career

At the beginning of their managerial career, or after a career break, where a program will build their confidence and accelerate their development. When they have reached a point in their career and life where they may feel they are at a major crossroads. Then, time and space to review what is happening to them now, and what might happen in the future, is a necessary rite of passage.

Research indicates that, for women who have taken a career break, programs which bring them up to date on the professional and technical developments of their particular field, combined with a 'refresher' on basic management skills, will enable them to face other colleagues at work On a more equal footing.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s the trend was for training providers to offer courses for women returners. Over the years these programs have been refined and developed into more thoughtful and useful activities, giving women a chance to prepare themselves for a very different business environment from the one in which they worked before and, indeed, from the domestic life in which they are going to operate on a less frill-time basis.

The second stage, where women often feel that they need some time to reflect, may become apparent once they have progressed successfully to a senior position, when perhaps the family is growing up and leaving home, when the future may seem unclear and, possibly, uninviting. This is a time when the brave make a conscious effort to step back and take stock of the changes and challenges that life has sprung on them.

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