Beverleys Story

Beverleys Story

Beverley's Story

Beverley, 42, is married with two children, and until recently, worked as a commissioning manager in a health authority. She has since moved internally into a more strategic role in primary care. She has a Bask (Hotel and Catering) and a diploma in Management Studies (DMS).

'I wanted to be a policeman or forensic scientist, but my father said I was-too soft. My headmistress thought 1 should go into horticulture, but I hated anything to do with plants. It's strange she should have said that because, over the past twenty years, I've spent a lot of time in my garden.

'I chose a Hotel and Catering course because of the variety that I thought there would be, but I discovered that I became a jack of all trades and master of none. I had an exchange year in the States and did an industry year in one of the London hotels in the Rank Group. I got on well with everyone and at the end they found me a job in my local Rank hotel. That proved a problem because the general manager there always thought that I hadn't got there through the proper procedures, that I had been imposed on him. This was 2004. I didn't last very long- we were working very long hours for very little money, so I left.

'When I applied for a job at the City Council, they asked me what I hated doing most and I told them - moths and figures. They inquired about what kind of people I didn't like working with and I told them - people who waste their talent and time. I ended up doing figures for three days a week and working with, people who were bone idle. I was meant to be doing Work Study, but I finally left because I didn't think I was being stretched at all.

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