I Was Then Offered A Job

I Was Then Offered A Job

I was then offered a job with Eastern Gas which was conveniently near where we were living, especially as my husband was beginning to have bouts of illness (I had met Geoff when he was working in a different part of the company. I'd been doing some work on casualties and when Geoff went to the look he found this man covered in what looked like blood and promptly administered first aid. I met him when I went to explain and apologize). At Eastern Gas, I was sent on all sorts of courses, including one about producing training packages where I was sent at the last minute to fill a vacancy. The course itself was not inspiring, but the effect of being the most junior person there with fourteen senior (male) colleagues made me realize my own potential.

Then one day, when I was helping one of the directors with a presentation about cuts in personnel, I suddenly realized that I was not going to progress from where I was and so applied for, and got, a job at TSB designing media packages Now, at thirty-nine, I was beginning to understand that I was actually quite ambitious and I was also aware that I might have to become the family breadwinner. After a false start with a distance-learning MBA - I didn't have any spare time and the way they were teaching was alien to me - I was awarded a Certificate in Business Administration. My work at TSB included launching new products with the Business Development Department, working on computer-based training and, after a move to the new management college in TSB, setting up an audio-visual unit. This was perceived as a great success externally, and I spoke at conferences and won 4wards, but it was frustrating that I was: having to win influence by getting approval from outside the organization and bringing it back inside.

'Alter a while, I wanted a change of role and took the opportunity to run programs. This brought in a lot of money. When I was made deputy director of the college, I had already developed strong relationships with policymakers and people and Head Office - understanding the company politics has been very helpful. Now, with the merger of Lloyds and TSB, I have moved from Sol hull to Bristol and am watching developments within the new organization with great interest.'

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