Online Action Plan 2016

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ONLINE ACTION PLAN 2016 Get the Support You Need

Seek out women who you admire - family friends, teachers, colleagues at any level in the organization, social contacts or managers from other companies - and talk to them about their career paths and your aspirations.

When the time is appropriate, ask a woman you respect to take on the informal role of mentor - someone to whom you can turn when you have issues to discuss.

Make sure that partners and where relevant children fully understand your work and the issues facing you, especially in relation to maintaining the home/work balance.

Build up a range of networks - both inside and outside of work - and you will not only gain by meeting supportive colleagues from different environments, but you will also be able to widen your circle of contacts

Read widely - not just articles and websites relating to your immediate area of work but also informed journals and newspapers which will extend your knowledge of the environment outside your organization and may help you understand the impact of world events on your business.

Make sure you keep up to date with relevant training and development courses - they will broaden your skills and knowledge and increase your self-confidence.

Become involved in activities outside work - there is mutual benefit in applying what you have learned at work to a leisure interest and in bringing other skills and knowledge to your daily job.

Call +44 (0)7516 391 430 for more information on joining our network looks at the role women play in business in 2016 and by focusing on the past seeks to improve the prospects for all UK women in the work force. We offer women a chance to join a non profit making group of similar women to give advice and career support.