Finding The Right Training

Finding The Right Training

Finding the right training

There is a wide range of training and development courses available to managers. In recent years there has been a tendency among some training providers to jump on to the equal-opportunities bandwagon by offering courses which are supposed to be designed specifically for women. The danger here is that often these are merely their normal courses with a new name and it is likely that very little has been made to gear them towards the actual needs and aspirations of women. The providers of such programs need to change their approach dramatically.

Instead of dressing up old formats in thinly-disguised new packages labelled 'For Women', they will have to think long and hard about what is really required of their tailored courses. Many professional bodies and women's organizations have already requested the views of women members of all ages and backgrounds for help in suggesting the most effective means of achieving worthwhile training schemes.

Attempts to introduce women-only courses may invariably run into opposition. The comparatively small number of senior women does lead to difficulties. A senior manager at a housing association talked about a proposal to run an internal course on breaking through the glass ceiling.

It was aimed at women managers, but they knew it would happen only if the male-run administration signed up to the concept. As the men felt it threatened their position, they did not support the idea and it failed. And even if in-house courses are available for women managers, they are not always successful, as shown in the following two examples:

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