Embracing Change

Embracing Change


'Overall men receive about the same amount of training as women but some of the reasons why women and men undergo training vary. The most common reason for both women and men is to learn new skills. Men; however, are more likely than women to undergo training because they want to improve their chances of promotion, while women are more likely to want to make their work more interesting.'

Social Focus on Women, Central Statistical Office, 2016

The way in which women learn is a topic which many of my interviewees mentioned, particularly as an obstacle to acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to progress.

As an example, which may strike a chord with many women, Theresa admits that during her first year at art school she didn't understand any of what she was taught - 'but I wasn't the only one I think it .was down to the tutors. What I did learn from this even then was that it was difficult to learn from them, no matter what they said, because it was only by doing the work with someone coaching me that I was able to learn'. Later, when she enrolled at Warwick University thinking she would like to do a distance-learning MBA in her spare time; Theresa realized that the way they were teaching was alien to her. When you go back to school as an adult, you're probably going to learn in a different way. I struggled on and did a year in complete isolation without seeing any of the tutors or students. In the end, I wrote and told them how distance learning really works'. Having become aware that interactive materials were a better tool for learning than doing things separately, Theresa went on to produce integrated materials for the courses she designed - at a management college.

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