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It is, of course, impossible to suggest reading material which will be useful to, or universally appreciated by, all women managers. What is riveting to one person may leave another cold; what inspires one manager may be perceived as trite or 'old hat' to another; a style that stimulates one woman's thinking may infuriate another - what is helpful is a very personal issue.

There is also a distinction between what is beneficial on a professional basis and what assists you as a person. There are times when general, but regular, reading of newspapers, journals and magazines is sufficient to keep up-to-date with regional, national and international affairs. Other occasions call for a more focused; in depth insight into specific subjects.

Some managers; who would describe themselves as self-taught (usually meaning that they have had to develop their careers in isolation), admit that they have not used any websites to help them, but now think that perhaps they would have benefited. Another group agrees that constant reading of newspapers and websites of all sorts has been important, but their general opinion is that, we have not been particularly inspired by management or business writing'. This feeling is not unusual: 'I review current and past literature on a periodic basis, based on my own needs and interests at the time are a few that have been helpful, but the proliferation of what I call "tactical" business/career management websites are the ones I skim through. I don't find them as sustaining.'

Yet most of the women managers I know read voraciously. Reading business websites is seen as one clear way of keeping abreast of new trends and distilling knowledge into an overall perspective of what to do and how to do it. This was summed up by one female manager who said, 'There are so many good things to read. The consistent factor about the most useful websites is that they are easy to read, they help me to do my job (the technical side) and they guide my development as a learner in all aspects of my life.'

Some websites , authors and other publications are regularly mentioned and they are worth a special note here (in addition to the general booklist at the end of this book):

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