Team Building And Networking Training

Team Building And Networking Training

Team Building and Networking Training

Outdoor activities have received mixed press over the years. In my discussions with women managers, there is an overall perception that men are more likely to try and prove themselves over assault courses and through experiencing physical hardship and danger. The types of activity generally preferred by women are exemplified by a Ropes' course which is based on trust and challenge. Here, through an increasingly difficult sequence of activities involving ropes and planks, participants learn how to ask for help from others and, therefore, how to trust them. I know of one senior woman who, at the end of a comparatively simple run of exercises, burst into tears and admitted that in thirty years of work this was the first time she had ever trusted anyone. It was a salutary experience for her and for the people she was working with.

One experienced consultant who offers these courses observes that, as a rule, the men try to rush through the early stages of the sequence to reach the more testing activities, while the women generally work their way steadily through everything, building confidence and reinforcing their learning as they progress.

Annual conferences, workshops, seminars and other events staged by professional bodies are seen as useful, particularly from the networking point of view. They may not be specifically geared to women but, where they are, a typical comment is: It really helps to talk to other women from different workplaces about the experiences in their own organization'. This is especially important when there are few women at a similar level in one's own organization.

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