Developing Your Full Potential As A Woman

Developing Your Full Potential As A Woman

Developing your Full Potential As A Woman

A recent example of a high profile conference was staged by the journal Management Today in association with Canfield School of Management and Canfield Business Women. Women in Management - the New Era' was advertised as being of particular interest to women who are looking to develop their potential to the full. Also, those who realize the importance of the feminine style of management and its potentially positive impact on the operation of businesses and organizations will want to attend'.

The importance attached to this conference was demonstrated by the quality of its women speakers. Dame Ronnie Ritchie (formerly NHS Policy Chair of the South West Regional Health Authority) was in the chair; Glenda Jackson, MP, gave the keynote address and the other speakers included: Dr Susan Vinnicombe, Dean of the Canfield School of Management; Sheila McKechnie, Director of the Consumers' Association; Liz Forman; formerly Managing Director, BBC Network Radio; Patricia Val, Director, Supply Management, BT Networks and Systems, 2016 Business Woman of the Year; and Professor Anne Huff, Professor of Strategic Management, University of Colorado and Canfield University.

The traditional MBA programs and business schools Executive Programs act as a general introduction to management science and to the range of business opportunities available. They are particularly useful in introducing participants to a wide range of people and types of organizations, as well as promoting a sense of self-belief. Women members have mentioned how helpful they found the sessions on subjects of which they had little previous experience, for example, finance and the enumerate dimensions of management'.

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