What Is Available In Training

What Is Available In Training

What is available in the training and development field?

Training offers to teach new skills or to build on existing knowledge, with specified results. Effective appraisal systems and discussions with colleagues will highlight gaps in management skills (such as tear-working, assertiveness and time management), or technical and professional skills (such as aspects of IT, banking, marketing or distribution) and will therefore help in choosing the appropriate training course.

Courses in management skills are given by both external providers, including specialist training companies and consultants, universities and colleges of further education and professional bodies, and in-company trainers. In some organizations, outside consultants are brought in to run courses, either on their own or with an internal trainer. Many organizations run their own courses and, increasingly, employees are encouraged to devise their own training programs by choosing the modules most relevant to expanding their particular skills. Where these activities are tailored to the needs of the individual's and the company's needs and where participants meet colleagues from other parts of the organization, such courses can be extremely helpful.

It is hard to identify the exact developmental skills which are the most beneficial in managers to look at their whole role rather than at one specific skill - to reflect on their work and the balance of that with home and leisure, and to look to their future. It may therefore be extremely difficult for women managers to find the right activity to address those needs - especially if, as the aforementioned findings of the CSO report suggest, women are less interested in looking for ways to increase their chances of promotion than male managers.

Developmental activities, in their widest context, are based on varied methods of learning and stand in direct contrast to the predominantly lecture/discussion-based training courses. Over the past twenty-five years, I have learned of a great number of programs of varying quality which addressed the many aspects of personal and professional development. Some courses are for both men and women, others have been designed specifically for women, and I know of one example of how, contrary to usual practice, a women-only program has been adapted for men (although I'm sure there must be others).

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