Judys Story

Judys Story

Judy's Story

'No one in my family had been to university before - they had not even thought about it - but when I realized that university was a prospect for me I was encouraged by an uncle. Money was a problem, so I was driven to aim for a university degree with sponsorship funding. My father had been a shop manager, so business was seen as highly respectable and going into business was seen as a good idea. As I was female and good with people, Personnel seemed to be the obvious route to everyone else. BP offered me a sponsorship and I accepted a four-year thin sandwich' course, with a salary on graduation which was more than my father's. From then on my feet didn't touch the ground. I moved every six months, including a stint working in Scotland on the North Sea operation.

I obtained a good degree and specialized in Industrial Relations and Employment Law. I thought about professional qualifications and, because I had done well at law, the lecturer suggested I went for the Bar which I had never even contemplated. Why not? I needed to try. My father advised me, "Never regret anything", so I applied and got in�but most of my family thought I was crazy. My husband liked to show off about my aspirations to become a barrister, but he didn't like my studying. After graduating, I moved to UK Oil to work in personnel-related research, and Industrial Relations which I really enjoyed. Around the same time; I was called to the Bar. The respect I found I was being shown at work served to reinforce what 1 was beginning to feel about myself - which was counter to what was happening at home. I left the house and my marriage and never looked back. In 2008, when I was twenty-six, my first case was my own divorce.

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