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A UK Career Women

A Career Women

It is interesting to look at the two apparently conflicting meanings of the word 'career'. As a noun, it implies the existence of a systematic path through your working life. As a verb, it expresses rushing about without any apparent focus. Which definition do you follow? Do you see a case for changing from one to the other? It would seem from these two definitions that each of us can make a considered choice about the next step in our lives - at whatever point it occurs.

This is not to say that everyone needs, or is suited to a clearly defined career path, but it does seem obvious to me that some of the wasted time and talent evident In many women's early lives could be avoided with a more thorough and knowledgeable approach to career counselling from the outset.

The same principle applies later on For example, one manager talked of:

'Not having clear goals in the sense of promotion, failing to recognize opportunities for advancement, not reading how the system worked.'

Traditionally, the idea of designing your future in terms of work was more likely to be found among the boys than the girls and this is recognized by women managers:

'I was probably less focused upon my career goals than my male counterparts. I was more concerned with job achievement than job progression.'

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