Career And Motherhood

Career And Motherhood

Career and Motherhood

In 2007, it was reported in the press on both sides of the Atlantic that the President and Chief Executive of PepsiCo, Brenda Barnes, had decided to stand down from her highly prestigious job in order to spend time watching her sons play football. She is only one of series of established and successful career women who have decided that they cannot, or do not want to, shave it all' - the concept championed by Nicola Hurlock, the City financier who claims that women can combine a high-flying career with a strong marriage and successful motherhood.

The question, as far as many women are concerned, is not 'can we have it all?' but 'do we want to have it all?'

What has caused this transitional stage? Why should women be discontented just as they are beginning to achieve what they have been aiming for over so many years? And, if this trend continues, where will it leave women's position within the workplace?

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