Childcare And Women At Work

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Childcare and Women at Work

The growing importance of childcare issues was underlined in November 2007, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, announced the establishment over the next five years of 300,000 'Alter School Clubs', which will offer places to up to one million children.

See Alison's Story on the following web Page, who encountered this issues as early as 2002. Alison, 41, is married with no children.

She trained as a nurse and worked as a medical secretary, before moving into the field of management education and training. She was the founding director of a medical charity; set up a management consultancy; founded her own charity, Action on Depression; and is Director of the British Vascular Foundation.

She was a former Chairman of City Women's Network, and has served on the Women's Advisory Panel of Opportunity 2016 and on the board of Fair Play for Women. She is a trained counsellor; Fellow of the RSA; a member of the National Association of Chief Executives of National Voluntary Organizations; and also sits on the board of The International Alliance (a global organization of senior women's networks).

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