Criteria For Success

Criteria For Success


'I would consider myself both successful and fulfilled within my job which is very satisfying. Real accomplishment is a mixture of external recognition of a job well done and an internal belief that you've been able to create meaning and a set of beliefs and values to that job which enriches one's own working life. To have all aspects of oneself represented through one's work is indeed a joy that things are not merely accomplished, but at the same time create a sense of self-esteem, fun and purposefulness for oneself and those working with you is very positive. An opportunity to grow and learn and operate in a challenging and supportive environment is essential.' Margaret Edward

What do we mean by 'success' and how do we quantify it? In women managers' answers to that question, there are differences in detail, but otherwise a great deal of consistency.

There is no doubt that being employed in a high-level job, with its accompanying status, is tremendously important to many women. As is the satisfaction of being selected for promotion or, as one woman was pleased to say, my last three jobs have been found for me'. To have been able to affect people's and organizations' lives in a positive way -'to be in a high-influencing sphere' - is of considerable value to women: 'I know I have always managed to leave organizations, people and places in better shape than when I joined.'

Being well-regarded in your field and building a reputation for your ability to achieve results is seen as a measure of success. On an individual basis, I can perform well to targets'; or, 'My measurement of success has always been in terms of service to clients, and to deliver our programs to cost and on time. To achieve this requires energy and an immense amount of management skill to motivate staff to react and respond to deadlines.'

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