Factors That Promote Your Career

Factors That Promote Your Career

Factors that promote your career

It is not always easy to detect the factors which have helped or hindered your career, especially when you are following a path of particular interest. One woman, trained as a lawyer, who worked in the Civil Service for many years but left to become a consultant, was an active advocate of equal opportunities and worked tirelessly for the cause of women managers, especially during the 1970s. She comments wryly that this work may have furthered her career, but she rather doubts it!

One of the exciting aspects of talking to successful women managers is listening to how they have recognized opportunities when they arose, how they have learnt from past experiences and how they have coped with changing circumstances. This theme is summarized by Alison's query, IS the rest of my life going to be like this?', or Carol's realization when both her work and her marriage were not going well, 'If I give in, I will lose me and I'm worth more than that'.

During the early part of their working lives, all my interviewees gained invaluable experience of how not to run a business and how not to deal with people, as well as learning the basic management and technical skills which have formed the basis of their careers to date They felt particularly uncomfortable with the confrontational stance often adopted by male colleagues and with the tendency to shout down opposing views without considering their merits. The personal touch favoured by women may lead to difficulties with those male managers who prefer an arms-length relationship with their staff and colleagues.

For the current generation of school leavers, the reality of their career expectations may sit uneasily with the expectations of their parents who grew up in a very different world of 'jobs for life'; Perhaps parents, too, need some assistance in accepting the major changes that have taken place. As successful women managers bring up, their own children; or have influence over nieces; nephews, godchildren and other young people, they will have a significant role to play in ensuring that informed advice is passed on. A strong sense of optimism exists that the daughters of current women managers will not tolerate the degree of pressure that their mothers have had to endure in trying to maintain a balanced life and will continue to influence the changes in corporate culture.

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