How Do We Measure Success

How Do We Measure Success

How do we measure success?

The issue of maintaining a workable and acceptable balance between professional and personal lives is one by which women managers judge their success. The achievement of this goal ranks as one of the most sought after and probably the most difficult to attain. I am efficient in my time management and cope well with stress and pressure' was one woman's reaction, but a more typical response was: I have a reasonable balance between home and work, although I sometimes find that my personal life is more limited'.

One woman who knows that she achieves the required work performance in a style which carries people with her and allows them to develop, thinks that she will really be able to call herself successful when, 'I have time to ensure that my staff can give their best to the company whilst having compatible personal objectives

High financial reward is not usually top of the list as prime evidence of success, although most managers value the extra flexibility that a good income offers in balancing the component parts of their lives. One woman who considers herself successful �because she knows she is good as her job and that her staff are committed to her - feels simultaneously that she is not as successful as she would like to be because I am denied the money and status of my male colleagues - but to challenge this would risk too much'.

The present generation of younger women managers are prepared to challenge this issue of equal pay. They know that to ignore it is to perpetuate the inequality and they expect to receive the same remuneration for the same work.

Most women who have reached managerial positions do acknowledge their success and are more than happy to point out the areas where they feel they contribute to their organizations, but they are also realistic enough to admit to limitations: My job is about managing clients and a peer group, rather than directing a large number of subordinates which is not a skill set I believe I have, or would ever have.'

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