Keeping The Balance

Keeping The Balance


Women are working hard towards achieving and maintaining a balance between the major parts of their lives and are conscious that often they take on the onus for realizing this rather than their partners.

They may also have to convince others that they are capable of this. It is unusual at interviews for prospective employers to ask men how they will achieve the balance between work and home life, although it is a common question for women.

The prevailing problem for interviewers seems to be how women will cope with young children while they are at work. Theresa tackled this problem early on in her career when a potential boss asked how she would manage with her baby when he rang up at the weekends, asking her to do some extra work. I told him I wouldn't work in the evenings, or at weekends, and wouldn't give him my phone number and he said, �Quite right, you can have the job".'

However, the issue goes wider than just children, and Theresa has also had to face some difficult decisions more recently:

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I have taken a hard line with my husband, Geoff 's, illness. If, the doctors think he's all right to be at home, then he is all right to be at home on his own and, when he's not, I can take time off. I don't know how I would cope only looking after Geoff, because perhaps it is all the other things that keep me going.'

A number of highly-successful women are aware that they are inclined to over-compensate in terms of work levels so that no one can question: their professionalism or commitment, or point a finger at them even though they've been told that they no longer have to prove themselves.

It is not easy to make the decision to continue working when the children are still young. Beverley says, I felt very reluctant to abandon" my children (then three- and six-years-old). However, my son put it all into perspective. When I returned home from my first full day, he rushed up to me saying,How much have you earned today?" By the second day, the family had accepted the normality of mum working full time - to the extent that they didn't even turn round from "Neighbours".'

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