On-line Action Plan 2016 - Boost Your Career

On-line Action Plan 2014 - Boost Your Career

On-Line Action Plan 2016 - Boost your Career

Think carefully about your personal objectives for both your career and other aspects of your life and make certain they will enable you to maintain a balance between work and home commitments.

Make sure you receive good careers advice which is tailored to your, objectives, aspirations and interests, and which does not try to force you into a direction you don't feel comfortable with.

Discuss career choices and issues with members of your family (and other friends whose opinion you value), but don't give in to pressure unless you fully agree with their views.

Don't underestimate your skills and qualities, or dismiss any previous experiences and knowledge as irrelevant - knowledge is never wasted.

Be organized and determined in your approach to realizing your ambitions. Try to think beyond your perceived limitations and make the effort to recognize and seize all available opportunities.

Don't be afraid to re-assess your objectives from time to time as your circumstances change.

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