Online Action Plan 2016 Think Ab

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Think about the skills that you bring to the workplace - how do they contribute to the success 'of your organization and how do they complement those of your colleagues, both male and female?

What do you need to equip yourself with for the demands of work in the 21st century? Build on your strengths, but don't ignore the areas you're less comfortable with - you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they are interesting and actually heap you to understand other aspects of your work.

Be true to yourself - don't act differently at work in an attempt to emulate other managers if this is not your natural style.

Where male colleagues need help in developing different ways of managing as we approach the new century, be generous with your assistance.

As we approach the Millennium, attention concentrates on fresh beginnings, the dawning of a new era, and exciting opportunities and challenges. How can we ensure that such talk is transformed into action?

This is the ideal time for women managers to stake their claim to be part of the transition from outmoded and restrictive management methods to an open and honest attitude which encourages a climate of learning, discovery and achievement. Corporate cultures need to minimize the gap between male and female managers by recognizing and valuing different management styles as complementary, not divisive. Women can be the driving force in facilitating the changes by using their full range of talents and qualities.

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