Power And Perception

Power And Perception

Power and Perception

Knowing that other people's perception of you is of a successful manager is also a source of gratification, and positive feedback from family, friends, colleagues, staff and customers is always welcome. To have broken into the top echelons of a traditionally male-dominated organization is, indeed, cause for celebration -For a long time, I was the only female partner in ,a worldwide partnership of ninety, but others are slowly emerging'. When this also involves becoming a role model for others, women finally begin to believe in their success - although sometimes there seems to be an element of: 'It was hard to realize they were talking about me. It still surprises me that I am perceived as successful.' We all recognize the warm glow you feel when you know that you've progressed further in your career than you expected, that you've surpassed even your own expectations.

Another, equally important, measure of success for women involves their relationships with others who work with them. It is vital that their staff are highly motivated and involved. A typical comment is: 'My staff provides feedback that I manage in a way which empowers them and makes them feel supported and able to develop', a view reinforced by: I now have a team which is recognized as functioning well in my absence'. The encouragement of colleagues so that they work hard and produce good results, are happy, fulfilled and loyal, is of major concern to most women managers.

There seems to be a need to be part of a two-way relationship between themselves and their staff, colleagues, customers and even the environment in which they operate. Women managers feel most comfortable in an atmosphere where they can learn and adapt - I strive to obtain honest and constructive comments from those I trust to help my learning'.

To this, they add good customer feedback, a productive, friendly working relationship with their peers and the achievement of strategic goals.

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