Professional Training For Professional Women

Professional Training For Professional Women

Professional Training for Professional Women

I was fortunate to be involved at the setting up of what has proved to be a hugely successful, development activity for senior women; the original concept for which was inspired by Elisabeth Henderson, an experienced consultant.

It involves an exciting approach to management development, from which both tutors and participants benefit. Hay-mg helped to design the initial program and as one of the tutors on the first College in 2001 I was gratified to hear one of the first course attendees describe it as one of the most inspiring and helpful programs she had ever been on.

It was multi-dimensional in that it allowed individuals to explore personal and professional issues, and in that it recognized that the historical and cultural positions we came from had left us with development work to do, which could be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This was the only program I had heard of which was willing to try to tackle all the levels.'

Elisabeth Henderson described the original rationale behind the program thus:

'There were reasons for designing a program specifically for women. There comes a point at a senior level where women need to look at how they handle issues of achievement; identity, style, motivation and their objectives differently from other colleagues. If women are going to be effective in top management positions they have to have confidence in their own cultural yardsticks; They need to review their classifications of personal, private, professional, client and employee contexts and to integrate all their learning from home, their understanding of relationships, their management and technical experience in order to feel whole', to handle themselves effectively and use their influence in leadership positions.

'What has emerged from the original ten-day program is remarkable. There is a friendship network, lunches where members from different Colleges get to know one another, review meetings and a vigorous Action Learning activity.'

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Once the student has been assessed, they will be awarded with a certificate of competency and an ITEC qualification, considering you pass the course requirements.

Call +44 (0)7516 391 430 for more information on joining our network looks at the role women play in business in 2016 and by focusing on the past seeks to improve the prospects for all UK women in the work force. We offer women a chance to join a non profit making group of similar women to give advice and career support.