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Role Models Role Models

Role models

Role Models, Coaches and Mentors - It is worth looking at the differences between these three capacities as there is a tendency to talk about them as if they were the same thing.

It seems to me that the concept of 'role model' has been so liberally applied that it is beginning to lose some of its original meaning.

By definition, it refers to an individual that you would wish to be like in a specific aspect, not necessarily in every way. For example, the female leader of a local council, which has survived and even thrived on the major upheavals of the past four years, is generally acknowledged as having achieved significant results both for the town and for the council employees.

Yet, when asked about being a role model for other women, she laughs and suggests that her domestic arrangements are unusual enough not to be considered an appropriate example, but she does admit that what she has achieved at work is something to be proud of, something that she is happy to discuss. If you are inspired by someone else's approach to work, you can choose that as one aspect of behaviour you wish to emulate in your own job.

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