What Are The Chances Of This Situation Changing

What Are The Chances Of This Situation Changing

What are the chances of this situation changing significantly in the next decade?

There are some glimmers of change on the horizon, but the general feeling is that it could take as long as ten years for the way organizations are run to modify enough to make it attractive for women to want to play a part as members of the board. As most of the issues which currently prevent them becoming board members are predominantly women's issues, they recognize that most of the initiatives for transformation will have to be taken by them. 'Much, therefore, depends on how active this present generation of women who have made breakthroughs into senior and top management jobs are willing to be, and how effective they are as mentors, coaches and policy makers.'

The improvement may seem slow, but the women in their thirties and forties who are coming through into top positions, together with the new generation of men who are more used to the idea of working alongside women, are pointing the way forward. The cultural changes and re-modeling which will result from these new working practices and the increasing numbers of men who are 'on our side' will surely make a difference to the representation of women at the top of organizations? As women grow more confident in their abilities and become a stronger force in the workplace, a more equal opportunities' approach to people at work will develop and men's and women's careers will one day be considered equally important.

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