When Are Women-only Courses Appropriate

When Are Women-only Courses Appropriate

When are women-only courses appropriate?

Organizations which run programs for their female employees - who show management potential - often do so as part of a broader program, of which the greater part is shared with male colleagues who are also going into management. The women-only training helps to clarify what is possible and how to achieve it. The overwhelming opinion is that it is particularly useful for building confidence and relating to other women and their experiences as well as preparing them for the type of culture in which they will be operating.

Increasingly, women are aware that this type of program, when available in-house, has to be carefully positioned within organizations and participation should be voluntary with the aims and benefits carefully thought through. Such caution arises from concern about committing disproportionate resources to women, when the real issue is for men and women to learn to work together successfully, and from a desire to lessen the chances of a destructive backlash from men.

There would appear, however, to be two identifiable stages of a woman's managerial career when women-only training programs may be particularly relevant and where, indeed, they might prove a critical part of development provision for some women.

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