Women - Help Is At Hand

Women - Help Is At Hand


People naturally look to others with either the same background or with whom they have some shared experience to help in times of uncertainty and women usually expect support and help from other women. However, even though the culture of male-dominated organizations and the attitudes of male managers have been the most frequent obstacles that women managers have had to overcome, it seems that other women do not usually play a larger part than men in helping female managers build their self-confidence and in encouraging them to progress within their chosen line of work. While there is much talk about the need for women role models there seem to be precious few examples of them.

One of the recurrent themes in discussion with women managers is the lack of high-profile, senior, successful women who offer encouragement to others or provide evidence of what can be achieved. The handful, whose names immediately spring to mind, are inundated with requests for interviews, lectures and so on and, quite reasonably, feel rather overwhelmed by the attention and sometimes resentful of the time it takes to fulfil these engagements. They would surely welcome the appearance of more women on the scene to spread the burden and the gospel?

The encouraging news is that, at last, there are more women around who are prepared to talk about how they have reached and maintained high office and who are happy to discuss the reasons for their success. There is a feeling that those older women - who made their way to the top fighting and scratching and weren't willing to assist others - are a disappearing breed and that the new generation is more amenable to lending a helping hand.

Even if they haven't been seen to help directly, women managers often do so indirectly, just by being there, by listening, perhaps by providing the instant camaraderie of being another woman in a predominantly male meeting.

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