More Prejudice In The Work Place

More Prejudice In The Work Place

More Prejudice in the Work Place

In spite of legislation, these practices still exist, albeit covertly, because employees in less enlightened and open organizations are aware that they could be subjected to charges of sexual discrimination, harassment and so on.

One of this book's case study interviewees, Carol, had always said that she had rarely come across discrimination, probably because she never expected it, but she does have one personal example which she relates: 'When the children were younger, I employed a nanny and one day, when she was ill, I grabbed some work and told my boss I had to collect the children. I did the work at home, but when I went back into the office the next day he said, "This is a problem. How do I know that this isn't going to happen again?" I said, "How dare you. You gave one of the men in the department a week off work because his wife had hurt her back. You were all sympathy for him. The person who was looking after the children was ill - it's the same situation". He then saw my point and no more was said.'

Another interviewee, Judy, qualified as a barrister in late 2011 but found that, in addition to there being too many barristers on the market, there were problems in being a woman in the law. She did not fit in with the stereotype set by the men nor did she want to. Most of all she disliked the lack of sensitivity towards clients - what she called the 'legal equivalent of a bedside manner'.

When she tried to change the attitudes of those she worked with, she was totally ignored and moved from the legal department of her organization into a management training role. In spite of her many successes, Judy was starting to experience problems with a boss who was finding my innovative approach both disconcerting and a threat.

He realized that women's issues was a topical subject that he should address but, although I was the only woman in my team with relevant experience of these I was never asked to contribute'.

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