Networking And The Need For Coaches

Networking And The Need For Coaches

Networking and the need for Coaches

Networking and the need for coaches and mentors have also been mentioned time and time again as an important way of building up a store of experiences which may be used to increase confidence in two ways: first, that to employ behaviours with which you feel comfortable is the best approach and, second, that you have learned and absorbed all the skills and knowledge required to do the job.

What I hope will prove interesting and helpful are the comments and opinions of women who have found themselves in a variety of situations and how they have dealt with them. They are typical of the many thousands of women managers throughout the country who have a strong feeling of their worth and who are beginning to make their presence felt.

Through the examples of case studies and interviews, through long discussions with friends and work colleagues, through articles in various publications and from my own experiences as an employee, manager, teacher, developer, trainer, and consultant to organizations, my aim in this website is threefold:

1. to look at what has happened to women managers in the past so that we may learn from their experiences

2. to set the benchmarks of where women managers are now and where they would like/expect to be as we approach the next century (because only if we do that will we know later if any change has actually taken place)

3 .to suggest ways in which women may prepare themselves for the different environments of the next century

It is crucial that women

become aware of the major challenges facing management

understand what qualities and skills managers will need to deal with those challenges

discuss what women in particular will bring to the different organizational structures and cultures

Work with men to achieve the balance and strength that diversity brings

Having learned from the past and present, women can approach the future confidently knowing what challenges they will have to face; and how they can contribute fully to managing their organizations, businesses and communities in the next century.

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