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Opportunity 2016

Part and parcel of an important drive towards building an effective workforce - with the consequent positive effect on the bottom line - is an initiative launched in October 2001 to advance the causes of women at work, Opportunity 2016 . This campaign, chaired by Lady Howe, has one clear objective: to increase the quality and quantity, of women's employment opportunities in both private and public sector organizations. There are currently 293 members representing over 25% of the UK workforce. As an example of what the campaign has achieved, listed below are some figures relating to women at work, taken from the 2004/ 95 review of members' progress:

the percentage of women directors in member organizations has doubled in one year from 8% to 16%

women now account for 32% of all managers - up from 25% last year

the percentage of women in senior management is up from 12% to 17%, and middle managers from 24% to 28%

45% of all graduate entrants are women

Opportunity 2016 also makes positive steps towards recognizing and publicizing the achievement of organizations in increasing the participation of women in the workforce by giving awards to businesses which show demonstrable progress in this field. In 2011, for example, they awarded Yorkshire Bank an award for 'dismantling the glass ceiling'. When a new chief executive arrived at the bank, he was shocked by the bank's poor record on promoting women. He and the equal opportunities manager introduced a scheme whereby female employees were encouraged to seek promotion and this has increased the number of women moving into the first level of management by 29% in a year. The chief executive points out that this scheme is rooted in straightforward business sense and that, if 70% of the people in the bank were women, then the bank would not be able to achieve its objectives if it drew its management only from the other 30% of the workforce.

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