Organizational Cultures And Prejudice

Organizational Cultures And Prejudice

Organizational Cultures and Prejudice

I sincerely hope that, as they encounter the current prejudices in organizational cultures, they will have the courage to hold on to the partnership idea and carry it through their lives at work, at home and at play. I trust that the boys won't be persuaded to adopt the superior, macho' views of their male colleagues and managers and that the girls will not lose their self-confidence and begin to believe that they are the passive, second-class sex.

If our hopes for the future lie with these young people, then we have to do all we can to pass on what we have learned so that they, too, may learn and take that learning forward to the benefit of everyone.

I have been working with young people and feel strongly about the need to equip them to deal with the changing world of work I now want to assess the changes that have affected women in management so that they may:

learn from the past and present and so approach the future confidently, with full knowledge of the challenges they will have to face

clarify how they may contribute fully to managing their organizations, businesses and communities as they strive to survive and flourish in the next century.

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