Coaching The Coaching Theme Constantly

Coaching The Coaching Theme Constantly


The coaching theme constantly recurred throughout the discussions and interviews undertaken for this website. Among Sarah's aims is that of establishing a training scheme that teaches youngsters the things that are important - quality, service and a desire to do the job well'.

It is important to emphasize the key skills of working closely with others and supporting them. Every manager should realize that it is their responsibility to support the people who work for them. When I came to this company, that concept didn't exist. The notion that your manager was there for you was completely unknown. I've always been given to work for me the people who were seen to be troublemakers, those who had problems. Mostly they were just frustrated but, with the right kind of inspiration, they usually turned out to be absolute crackers. It was wonderful to watch them blossom and grow. That is the best thing about working with people - you just give them the key and encourage them to find their own way. Recognizing that people have potential that's what I like.'

When managers have a wide range of tasks for which they are accountable, delegation becomes a necessity if the job is to be accomplished. A common theme was expressed by one manager as: It is also a natural way of doing things if you believe in letting people "grow" - so delegation and coaching go hand in hand'. A woman manager in a local authority said of delegating, 'I do believe that men are more conscious of Power, whereas women are perhaps more interested in Influence; so much larger number of men are scared of releasing things down to their subordinates, or of developing them'. Following on this theme, another woman stated, 'Lots of men derive their power from withholding information, whereas women want to involve others and therefore tend to communicate well'.

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