Male Or Female Managers

Male Or Female Managers

Male or Female Good Managers MUST Manage

Sheila Forbes summarizes the situation from her experience at the top of an international organization thus:

'Although management literature is full of good advice about empowerment and more developmental styles of management, the pressures for high performance within an internationally competitive business world mean that successful managers will still have to achieve high standards, manage costs tightly, constantly look for improvements in productivity and manage people in a low inflation environment. Those pressures aren't going to go away, and women have to meet those requirements, too. The question is, can they do it in a different way? A better way? Can we be tough on performance, yet still make people feel good about themselves, their work and their contribution?'

In articles and discussions about the specific skills women bring to management self organization, people management and attention to detail are all mentioned as key points.

Above all, though, it is women's ability to manage their time - often because they have brought up children and run households, as well as holding down a paid job. Women are seen as being less likely to waste time than their male colleagues. The traditional male tendency of staying in the office whether they are needed or not, has not been taken up by women who have to get away to deal with the other aspects of their lives. They don't waste so much time in meetings recognizing that a great deal of time is lost in long irrelevant discussions, and on the whole women don't call meetings just before it's time to go home.

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