The 21st Century Manager - The Shape

The 21st Century Manager - The Shape


According to the Institute of Management's report, Management Development to the Millennium, the skills that managers in the next century will have to possess include: strategic planning, responding to and managing change, total quality management verbal communication, coaching others and delegating responsibility.

I wondered whether the women managers I had spoken to would have any comments to make about this list, with particular reference to the contribution they had each made to the practice of management for the next century. Although there was some initial hesitation about stereotyping people or making generalizations, there was a mutual agreement that women do seem to have an innate ability in many of the skills mentioned. However, in tune, with other comments about the need for men and women to learn to work together, their main concern was that everyone will need to acquire these skills to be successful managers.

'We need a mixture of stereotypical traits to achieve a high standard of management in organizations, particularly at the senior level.'

Many women managers mention the parallel between management and parenting or home-making skills (especially in households where women are the primary home makers and go out to work). Although one manager added, '...but, of course, these are skills learned through traditional women's work and are therefore devalued'.

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