Consensual Management Working Together

Consensual Management Working Together

Consensual Management

Working together, or 'consensual management', and the ability to pool the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience from a variety of sources are also going to be important. In the words of one manager, I believe a more important area of expertise will be harnessing effort/ energies from different parts of the organization and often from disparate organizations - through joint working, joint ventures and consortia - possibly using direct lines of authority'.

Overall, there was a significant expression of optimism for the future and for the role that women will play in the management of organizations. In some businesses, it is already happening: During my time with my previous company, the requirements for the "new manager" as part of our culture change program automatically qualified more women for these roles. Women were seen to be better coaches and communicators, and sometimes willing to take more risks'.

Many women managers feel that both organizations and society as a whole are changing as we approach the twenty-first century. The caricature of the autocratic male boss versus the caring, sharing female boss is a little Out of date. I am genuinely Optimistic about the next generation, w1ier these skills and styles are given more emphasis amongst both sexes.'

Most women managers were keen to stress that any such list of skills should not be seen to apply to either men or women, but to both men and women - but that, at the same time, women need to be conscious of the positive part they have to play in successful companies of the future.

'All the skills above are important to all managers and therefore any manager - male or female - deficient in them would he challenged. I believe that women do need to establish and assert their way of doing things by demonstrating success on their own terms within a male-aggressive institutional culture'.

There is a strong awareness of the need for men and women to learn and develop these management skills together, for them to continuously learn about themselves and each other and each individual's particular style. Indeed, in spite of many years of opposition from men at work and at home women managers are keen to redress the balance without acrimony and to work with their male colleagues. 'Many men need assistance in helping to align their domestic and professional lives because, traditionally, male self-esteem needs have been largely pursued in their working lives. They need assistance in developing their inner side - that is, their personal needs within the world of work and through the expectations placed upon them.'

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