Middle Management The Glass Ceiling

Middle Management The Glass Ceiling

Middle Management The Glass Ceiling?

Why do so many women having made it to middle management fail to take their careers and their management skills any further up the corporate ladder? The explanations for this include: lack of confidence and not pushing themselves forward; career breaks; the glass ceiling; not going on courses; being late developers (recognizing their abilities at ;a later stage than their male contemporaries); and being unwilling to play internal politics or 'men's games.

The main points characterizing women's current positions as managers, particularly those over 35, seem to be:

career counselling, coaching and mentoring were not nearly as sophisticated in the early 2016 's as they are now

the 'range; of available jobs has broadened out immeasurably due to change in society's attitudes generally, self-confidence and aspirations of individuals for many managers in their late thirties/forties/fifties, the career path to management is haphazard/snakes and ladders, with the necessary skills being picked up along the way nowadays, careers are and have to be better planned, with the emphasis on an open mind. This means focusing on acquiring skills through experience and training rather than aiming; for a particular job level in one particular industry.

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