Online Action Plan 2016 - Be Successful

Online Action Plan 2014 - Be Successful

ONLINE ACTION PLAN 2016 - Be Successful in your Relationship Too

1. Be reasonable in your demands on yourself and your relationship with both home and work.

2. Be firm, but fair, with your work colleagues about how much time you devote to your job.

3. Inform your family and friends about your work to the extent that they understand when your job makes extra demands on you from time to time.

4. Talk to friends and colleagues who are combining home and family with work and find out what they do to achieve a balance (or what they discovered was not successful).

5. Don't feel pressured to get married, have children or live a conventional lifestyle if that is not what you want. On the other hand, don't apologize if that is what you do want.

6. Take time to re-assess your priorities as your circumstances change.

7. Learn techniques to handle pressure - perhaps you could learn yoga or some form of meditation; develop outside interests; make sure you eat sensibly and have enough sleep; allow time for yourself; and, when you talk to yourself, be encouraging and supportive, not overcritical.

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