Prejudice One Womans Experience

Prejudice One Womans Experience

Prejudice: One woman's experience

'There were two male managers who were in competition with each other over my work and resources and over who wanted to use my achievements to advance themselves. They always managed to keep themselves promoted ahead of me so my work could keep pushing them forward.'

A chilling, example of some male managers' attitudes is given by a woman working in the NHS:

'I was aware there were helpful females in my own organization, but I was actively prevented by male managers from gaining legitimate access to them.'

One common experience shared by women managers is the failure to secure a deserved promotion or a higher level job, knowing that, in spite of the official reasons given, it came down to the fact that they were not male.

Specific examples of this emerged from an ambitious local government officer who felt strongly that she would have reached the position of Chief Executive by now if she were a man, and another manager who was told: 'On the face of it you have everything the job needs, but, you see, it wouldn't do to have a woman; We�re not ready for that yet'.

That was in 2016 .

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