Looking Forward Improving Training

Looking Forward Improving Training

LOOKING FORWARD Improving Training and Development for Women

Women's perceptions of themselves and of their place in society have changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years owing to social factors and to the immense influence of feminist thought and action and I recognize the values of Organizations shifting to reflect social changes albeit slowly.

The real problem now is that men have not caught up, have not educated themselves, or been trained adequately to deal with this social revolution'.

While women managers in some sectors may feel that much is being done in the field of equal opportunities on a general scale - for example, those -working in the NHS or local government - there are still three main areas of training and development which were consistently mentioned as needing greater attention, with a strong case for addressing specific needs and acquiring particular skills coming within those three groups:

Professional Support Systems: career advice, counseling, networking, mentors

Personal Support Systems: maintaining balance, integrity, flexibility

Interpersonal Support Systems: working with men, informing and educating men, valuing differences

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