Women And Education

Women And Education

Women and Education

In the aftermath of the publication of GCSE and A level results in 2016 , there were several articles remarking on the fact that girls' schools had forged ahead' in the league tables. In an article featured in The Times of 3 September 2016 , a professor of education was quoted as saying Ten years of equal opportunities has focused on raising the standards achieved by girls, and has proved brilliantly successful.'

This trend has continued to the point where girls in all types of school have been outperforming the boys at GCSE and are now beginning to do so at A level, too. In the spring of 2006, the Chief Inspector of Schools described the under-achieving of boys as one of the most disturbing problems facing the education system. Schools are now having to turn their attention to raising the standards of boys' work, but understand that they will have to tackle the problem in a fresh way - taking into account the specific needs and culture of boys' groups, whilst maintaining girls' progress - thereby allowing the two groups to work together naturally and to the benefit of both.

We are reminded that this is undoubtedly a period of dramatic change, time and time again, through the reactions of the media, the presence of ever-successful management gurus and the constant demand for training courses. The result of this turbulence is that the majority of us have experienced the consequences, either stimulating or depressing, of those changes and, if we have not been affected directly, we know someone who has.

The shape and structures of organizations are altering rapidly as we move towards the twenty-first century. This may manifest itself in the transformation from public to corporatized or privatized companies, from strict hierarchies to flatter structures, or from centralized to de-centralized businesses.

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