Women The Way In

Women The Way In


In the public sector, the health service has a markedly different male/female ratio among its managers from that of the private sector. This does not automatically mean that women have an easier time moving up the career structure, but it does indicate that they are probably more experienced at working with male colleagues who are, in turn; more used to working with women. 'One of the reasons I have enjoyed working in the NHS is because I have always felt that equal recognition is given to good managers, regardless of their sex. There are excellent managers of both sexes in the NHS it is very much up to the individuals to create their own opportunities.'

Many of the women managers I have met from the NHS, or local authorities have spent the greater part of their working lives within the same organization, but have regularly changed jobs within it. They have gained invaluable experience from this, especially in learning how to keep an eye open for appropriate openings and in seizing any available opportunity for advancement and personal development.

As I mentioned in the introduction there are increasing numbers of women who will no longer tolerate a strictly male management environment. But, having challenged the jobs for the boy's culture and moved up the corporate ladder, then many women, halfway through their careers, opt out.

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