Women Their Partners And Success

Women Their Partners And Success

Women, Their Partners, and Success

A vital element of success for women with partners is that they operate as a partnership, completely balanced. Many more of today's generation of women are choosing not to have children and they are not bothered by their decision. A few years ago if you were successful and did not have children, some people, or sectors of society, felt you weren't complete. For many others, having children is extremely important and not a route to be avoided. They know that they will have to struggle to get the balance right so that they have sufficient time at home and that includes being firm but fair about how much they devote to their work.

Alison and her husband took a deliberate decision not to have children, because I don't believe that women can have it all or, at least, not without affecting their relationships with their children and their husband, leaving no time for themselves'.

It is unlikely that women who work are all able to strike the right balance immediately. At the various stages in your working life, demands change and Sarah recognizes that when she says, I am thoroughly enjoying myself, but I am obsessed so the balance is not there at the moment. It will come, but I need to focus on the business now. I am driven, but I know it will do very well'.

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