Women-only Education

Women-only Education

Women-Only Education - A Bad Idea

Education and training should focus on individual goals and deficiencies, not on generalized, assumed needs of a particular category of manager. Women are often as different from each other as women are from men.'

My company used to run women-only courses. The programs themselves were excellent and provided junior women specialists and managers with several role models at the senior level. However, they do need to take into account a broader development program for women, rather than stand alone, as they tend to get labelled and often fail to provide the whole range of skills that developing senior managers require to be successful in a male-dominated senior hierarchy.'

Julia made a deliberate choice not to follow a new course, Women in Management, on her MBA program:

'I felt quite strongly that my career would benefit more from an extra course in management accounting or corporate finance, rather than taking what I saw as a slightly marginal study area. Through other women colleagues, I kept an eye on the content of the course and did not regret my decision.'

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