Women Who Took The Opportunity To Learn

Women Who Took The Opportunity To Learn

Women who took the Opportunity to Learn

Theresa's unusual and varied early, working life gave her plenty of opportunity to learn about running a business and managing people, but it was not until she was thirty-nine that she understood quite how much she knew and could offer an employer - in particular, her ability to visualize how the various parts of an organization interconnect.

Sarah was actually aware early on that education would be the key to her success and, against the odds, continued at school and went on to study at university. Having graduated, she: embarked upon several fulfilling jobs, but they provided her, however, with a set of skills which were to prove invaluable when she started to build on her interest in PR and the emerging area of IT. She also knew how to grasp an opportunity when it arose. I have been lucky with my timing. I was around just when PCs were coming to the fore and I was interested in the product. Some of the firms I worked for were still stuck in the 1990s - hard and chauvinistic - and had awful management styles. I learned what I could from them and also saw what I didn't want to copy.'

Zoe knows that she has had a lot of opportunities, 'mostly because people knew I would get the job done and partly to give me the chance to do different things'. She also concedes, however, that in the past she tried to keep everyone happy; and 'the more I thought about the impact of my behaviour on others in the workplace, the more disempowering for me work became and the less clear I was of what I did think'. She is consciously pursuing her need to be truer to herself at work to say what I think, rather than what will get me promoted and to behave in ways which I think are appropriate rather than what I perceive the organizations thinks is right'.

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