Women Work And The Family

Women Work And The Family

Women, Work and the Family

For men and women alike, family members play a vital role in providing the necessary support and encouragement needed to achieve a healthy balance between a successful and rewarding career and a happy and fulfilling life outside of the office.

For women managers, family - when combined with help from colleagues - is of particular importance: it enables women managers to operate on an equal footing with their male counterparts. Parents, partners and children who not only show their approval, but are interested, too, are seen as a real advantage if women are to succeed at work.

Zoe acknowledges that 'my husband has always encouraged me when lacked confidence and, as my children have grown up, they have given invaluable help not only by their support for my ideas but by challenging me and making me think things through.'

Julia's husband is in the army, but mostly they have been based in London which has been lucky. 'There is no "competition" between us in the sense of jobs. He is incredibly supportive and it must be really difficult-if you don't have that assistance and the willingness to join in with the nappy changing and so on.'

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